Friday, 17 January 2014

Benefits of Solid State Drive

SSD stands for solid state drive. SSD don't have any moving part, & information stored in microchips. This makes SSD more faster than HDD.
SSDs  prduce highest possible Input/Output(80,000 IOPS) results. SSD contains NAND based flash memory, & this memory is a non volatile type memory. This means if you turn off the drive, it don't forget data stored on it.
SSD has a controller to perform operations related to reading & writing the data. Controller is the main part to determine the overall speed of drive. SSD is made up of either plastic or metal case & looks like a battery.
Benefits of SSD : 
1   In SSD, there is less power draw.
2   Operating system boot time is around 22 sec.
3   In SSDs, there is no moving  parts as such no noise or vibration.
4   In SSDs, no moving parts & low power draw so little heat is produced.
5   File opening speed is up to 30% faster than HDD.
6   This is safe from any effects of magnetism.

So we can say that SSD is 300ed times better than HDD. There is no comparison between SSD & HDD, it depends on indivisual needs, preferences & budget. But if you consider performance & fast bootup primarly, then you have to go for SSD.

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