Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Choose Best Content Management System For Your Website

Content management system (CMS) is installed on the server which allows maintaining & managing pages, blogs & articles online. You can easily write or modify content on your website & instantly updated. CMS provides separation between articles & web design, so you can focus on content & not to worry about copying the web design from page to page. CMS became very popular in last few years, so you should choose right CMS provider according to your needs. Below mentioned are some important things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a CMS for your website.

Content Management System

CMS should match your needs:
There are many types of websites like: company, commercial, news, blog, entertainment, personal, educational etc. So choice of CMS depends on type of website. So before choosing CMS you should make a list according to your website needs.

Managing Assets:
Images & files management is very badly in some CMS. This is negative thing for your site & users. So you should make sure that your CMS provides Alt tags to images & also provides some basic image editing tools like cropping, rotating, resizing etc. Your CMS should deal with word documents, PDFs & other files properly.

Users start with search when they looking for content. So search is very important aspects for your site. You should changes website regularly so that search engine index your website. You should make sure that search engine index entire content of each page, images & attached files.

User Interaction:
If you want to host a community on your website then CMS must provide forums, chat, comments & other functionality. You should also make sure about tools exist for communicating with users like email newsletters, news feeds & RSS etc.

Multiple Website Support:
This is must have feature. Your CMS should allow running multiple website from same installation. You may want to create a separate website for mobile devices due to growth of mobile web. So this is very important feature.

CMS Platforms:
Today, there are many CMS platforms available in the market like: wordpress, joomla, drupal & blooger etc. Below mentioned is brief description about these platforms.

This is the most powerful CMS platform. This began as easy to use & innovative blogging platform. Ease of use is key benefit for experts & starters. This is easy to install & manage. This is very user friendly with tutorials & support, technical experience is not necessary for this. In this platform we can paste text from a MS Word document into a WordPress site. This provides lots of informational resources, videos, themes & templates designs. This is ideal for blogs, small business website & personal websites.

Joomla is one of the most popular CMS platform for medium to large sites & provides more flexibility & features than WordPress. There is more plug-ins in joomla than any other CMS platform so this is good for high traffic sites. This is good for multimedia & e-commerce websites. This is more complex than WordPress & you should have fair technical knowledge & able to create fairly complex sites.

This is powerful & developer friendly tool for creating complex sites, so it requires experience to operate & advanced technical knowledge. This is good for complex, advanced sites & sites that require complex data organization. If you don’t have good technical or software knowledge & you can’t hire technical expert than this platform is not for you.


This is very simple blogging platform to setup a quick blog. In this platform you can use your domain & can post a blog from your mobile phone. But in this platform limited plug ins available & you can only use this for blog.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Start Your Business With Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting Service
In shared hosting service one server is shared between many users. One server hosts multiple websites which use the same resources like processor, RAM, disk space & bandwidth. So in this hosting service each user has limit on particular services. This hosting service is best option for personal & small business websites. This is a most economical way of hosting a website because cost of server is shared by many users.

Features of Shared Hosting
  •       Control panel systems like Cpanel, Plesk are used in shared hosting so that you can  install plug-ins & manage email accounts.
  •        You can add, edit & modify content on your website whenever you want.
  •        This hosting allows carrying out lot of customization to your website.

Web Hosting Service Providers
Below mentioned are some important points to keep in mind while choosing hosting provider.

      Company Knowledge:
You should make sure that your service provider has good track record in market. Web host has sufficient experience in this field & company should provide services according to your needs.

      Disk Space:
Disk space is required according to the resources utilized by the website i.e. file & database stored on your website. Disk space depends on nature of your website. Simple websites with text required less disk space & websites with images & videos required more disk space. You should check & clear about the space offered by the service provider & the charges to be paid.

Bandwidth is very important for your website. You should make sure that your service provider is offering appropriate bandwidth according to your website’s needs. You require more bandwidth if there is lots of traffic on your website. You should beware of unlimited bandwidth offers.

     Control Panel:
To control your account you need control panel. Control panel is used to set up content management system (CMS), manage email accounts, add domain names, view statistics, manage FTP users, manage database & other programs that are useful for your website like set up spam filtering, set-up SSH login configure & install scripts languages. Most popular control panels are Cpanel , Plesk panel, website panel & direct admin panel.

     Technical Support:
Service provider is required when any kind of technical issues arise. In shared hosting, you may face problems because of shared space. Technical support plays an important role in this situation. Your service provider should provide full support with 24*7 as per your convenience via phone or email. So while choosing service provider you must carefully look at support service of the company.

Advantages of Shared Hosting:
  •       Low Price & affordable plans
  •       Good web host provides reliable solution for websites
  •       You don’t need to perform technical maintenance on the server
  •       Multiple domains hosting on same account
  •       With user friendly control panel, it is easy to upload site & create email accounts
  •       Easy to manage

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting:
  •  In this hosting, multiple websites host on same server. So you have limited resources disk space, RAM, bandwidth & processor.
  •  You are sharing same server with other users. So performance of other websites can affect your website.
  •   Low security level
  •   In shared hosting, some of the web host might not be allowed to set file permission under your web hosting account which means that some scripts and programs won’t be able to run within your shared hosting plan.

If you are new in the world of web hosting & you don’t have much knowledge about this service then shared hosting plan is perfect for you. This hosting is good for small & medium size businesses or websites. In this hosting plan you can host small websites & can effectively managed the service.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

What Is Domain Name Life Cycle ?

What is Domain Name?
A domain is a web address which helps people to find your website. Most of domain names have three parts which are separated by dots: The third level domain (“www”), the second level domain (company name, product or brand) & last part is top level domain (.com), this may contain country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) like: .us, .in, .uk etc. Domain name is important for the people who starts their business & wants to promote their business online. By using domain name you can reach millions of user. Domain name helps to get traffic & lead for your business. A Domain name must have at least 3 characters and less than 63 characters. Very short domains are easy to remember but expensive. Now these days minimum 5 alphabets of domains are available for registration. Most popular domain names are: .com, .info, .biz etc.   

Good Domain Name Features:
·         Your domain name should be memorable & this is relevant to your products or services.
·         Your domain name should be short (two or three words) & easy to spell.
·         In domain name, you should avoid non-standard characters.
·         The Domain name extensions which are chosen according to the nature of the company are more valuable.
·         By registering multiple domain extension of a domain name, you can secure traffic & raise your business.

                                     Domain Name Lifecycle

There is a misconception is that people think they have purchased a domain name. But this is not possible to purchase a domain name. In fact you pay for rights for using domain name for particular time. You need to learn about the domain name life cycle.

Domain Life Cycle

Available Domain Name:
This is the first stage of domain name life cycle. In this stage domain name is not registered & available for all the people.

Domain Registration:
Available domain can be registered for period 1 to 10 year. The domain name will become active once you have paid for it. This will remain registered for duration of time you registered it. After that you will need to renew the domain name.

 Expiration Grace Period (0 To 45 Days):
This is the date when registration period is over. A domain name will stay expired for between 0 to 45 days, this is the grace period. The webmaster can still renew it in this period. The domain would still stay in your domain control panel.

Redemption Period (30 Days):
Next stage is 30 days redemption period. During this period registrar may delete all information about domain. Most registrar charge a lot of money to recover the domain during this period.

Pending Delete Period (5 Days):

Now domain name enters pending delete period for 5 days. At this stage, the domain name is locked & there is not any possibility to renew it. So if you want to register it again, you will need to wait while domain name is deleted & available. But you must keep a track because this will available for all & other people can register the domain.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

WordPress Hosting For Your Business

At present time blog hosting is become very popular among youngster & professionals. Blog hosting is also a type of web hosting. A blog is a best way to express thoughts and Ideas. This is a way to create web presence for personal & professional purposes & provide informative content to users or followers. There are some good blog hosting sites available on the internet like:,, etc. is the most popular blog hosting service in the internet world. Hosting your blog on the is a right choice. Brief description about this hosting service is mentioned below.

Wordpress Hosting

WordPress Hosting:
This is one of the most popular blogging tools & open source content management system (CMS). By using WordPress it is simple for people for establish a professional & personal blog where they used to share their thoughts, views, ideas, and experiences. On you can add or change content & publish it instantly.  

Benefits of
Trend of blogging is popular because this allows adding images, text, video etc. To post a blog on is very easy & you don’t need any technical skills. provides feature to manage, create & modify your post. WordPress provides plugins like traffic state, templates etc. It provides multiple themes; so you can choose as per your requirement. You can add social media sharing tools. This is the best blog hosting platform if you are expert or beginner.

Once your blog or website is ready then you need a web hosting service to publish blog or website. To select a reliable & good WordPress host you should also check the hosting reviews & customer reviews about the host company. If you want to publish WordPress website, you have to make sure that your web host provides full support & total WordPress applications.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Green Web Hosting- Initiative To Save The Nature

Green Web Hosting
Today, people are getting more aware about the negative effect of global warming. So we need to conserve the environment. Today, many industries are supporting this cause. The web hosting industry is one of them. Now these days many companies have start supporting green web hosting for their clients. In recent time, there is a rise in popularity of green web hosting because of the concern for the nature. Some consumers don’t know why they should choose this type of hosting service, because they don’t know the concept of this hosting properly. Firstly, let gets an idea about green web hosting solution.

This type of hosting service uses renewable energy sources like biogas, wind & solar to power the hosting equipment. A lot of power is used for maintaining the servers & to operate smoothly. So, green web hosting companies put their efforts to reduce the use of energy & focus on using recyclable energy resources. Natural power sources leads to environmental conservation. These eco-friendly companies offer high quality services without extra charge.

The hosting plans offered by green host company & non-green host company are not much different. The only difference is the energy resources they use. By taking services from green host, you can support in nature preservation so that our next generation will enjoy the benefits of nature. This type of company spends a lot of money to obtain recyclable power. So these companies are receiving financial aid from governmental & non-governmental organizations to reduce their total operating cost. So these companies provide affordable hosting packages. As non-green hosting services, in this service you might get more traffic & leads.

If you want to grow your business & support in nature preservation then you should grab this opportunity. So before choosing this type of unique service you should check reviews of companies that offer this type of service which will give a very fair & correct picture. Green Hosting makes a positive statement about you & your business.

In this service, eco-friendly power sources are little more expensive because of maintenance. But when you choose a green hosting service over cheaper hosting services then you are joining a good cause & your money will be invested in a great cause

Friday, 14 February 2014

Cloud Hosting- A New Hosting Trend

Cloud hosting is a new technology in world of hosting which has become popular in last few years. This hosting is reliable, effective, & efficient solution for different size of organizations. This can handle extra traffic on website & provides on demand service. Below mentioned are some benefits & issues of cloud hosting.
Cloud Hosting

Advantages of Cloud Hosting:

Cost Efficient:
This hosting is cost efficient method to use & maintain. In other hosting services like shared hosting, VPS hosting & dedicated hosting, you have to pay fix amount of fees. But in cloud hosting, you only pay what you use. You are only charged for what you actually use.

Storage Capacity:
In cloud hosting, you will get almost unlimited storage capacity. So you can store information. In this hosting, there is no need to worry about the storage space & increasing the current storage space. Its storage capacity is more because the data is stored on multiple servers on different locations.

Reliable & Flexible:
This Hosting is very reliable & you hardly experience down time. Backup & recovery process is simpler than other process of data storage. You can manage your backup via control panel. You can instantly increase your service plan for more resources & you can easily move to a new server.

Easy Access:
Accessibility is one of the benefits of cloud hosting. Your business data is stored at remote location online. So you can access the data or information from anywhere in the world.

For every business data security is very important. In this hosting, your data stored on safe & secure data server. Cloud hosting will provide secured hosting for your website, so your data & website is safe from unauthorized access or attacks.

So, cloud hosting with these advantages is good for your business. But before adopting this service you should know about some issues with this hosting.

Technical Issue:
In This hosting, you can access data or information from anywhere at any time. But for that you need a very good internet connection at all time. If you have any problem with network & connection then you will be stuck & you can’t access your data.

Security Issue:
For secure your sensitive information, you need a reliable & good service provider. So that your service provider will keep your information secure.  

Cloud DNS lets you add, modify, and remove domains, subdomains, and records, as well as import and export domains and records. So this is the modern way to run your business effectively and efficiently. Keeps your data secure and with CDN you can transfer your data to global positions.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Email Hosting & Its Benefits For Your Business

Email Hosting Service
Email is one of the main internet based activities. By using email we can send messages all over the world. Email has a great importance because this is the most effective way to communicate for businesses. Now this feature is available with web hosting services. Today, Email hosting is very popular in the corporate world. There are many benefits of email hosting from a professional hosting service provider. Benefits of this service are mentioned below.
                                                           Benefits of Email Hosting

In Email hosting, your service provider will provide server equipped with new anti-spam, regular updates & virus filtering software. So your email & information is secure from hackers, spam & viruses.

Storage Space:
In this hosting, service provider will provide customized storage space according to client’s requirements. You can easily upgrade your storage space as per your needs.

Address Book Sharing:
This is one of the best features in this service. You can add contacts in address book & allow users to share contact details with others. Email hosting service provider offers both private & shared address book.

Web access:
You can access your email hosting account at anytime from anywhere in the world. So you can work effectively from home, remote offices wherever you get internet connection. You can access with your mobile device, so you will never miss urgent messages & give timely responses.

Your email hosting service provider provides POP3 & IMAP3 email protocols features. If you want to access your email from one computer only then you should choose POP3. You can download email with this protocol. If you want to access your email from anywhere then you should select IMAP. This protocol keeps your email on the server until you delete it.

By using this hosting, you can promote your domain name. When you use your corporate email then your clients can see your domain extension & your company & also give a good impression to your clients or user.

Backup & Disaster Recovery:
Email hosting service provider offers backup & disaster recovery service. In case of network problem or any disaster your emails or data will be stored at service provider secure data center. So you can get your data in future.

As we know that email is most popular trend to communicate for companies. You should take email hosting service from a good email hosting service provider. So you will get reliable & secure services.