Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Choose Best Content Management System For Your Website

Content management system (CMS) is installed on the server which allows maintaining & managing pages, blogs & articles online. You can easily write or modify content on your website & instantly updated. CMS provides separation between articles & web design, so you can focus on content & not to worry about copying the web design from page to page. CMS became very popular in last few years, so you should choose right CMS provider according to your needs. Below mentioned are some important things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a CMS for your website.

Content Management System

CMS should match your needs:
There are many types of websites like: company, commercial, news, blog, entertainment, personal, educational etc. So choice of CMS depends on type of website. So before choosing CMS you should make a list according to your website needs.

Managing Assets:
Images & files management is very badly in some CMS. This is negative thing for your site & users. So you should make sure that your CMS provides Alt tags to images & also provides some basic image editing tools like cropping, rotating, resizing etc. Your CMS should deal with word documents, PDFs & other files properly.

Users start with search when they looking for content. So search is very important aspects for your site. You should changes website regularly so that search engine index your website. You should make sure that search engine index entire content of each page, images & attached files.

User Interaction:
If you want to host a community on your website then CMS must provide forums, chat, comments & other functionality. You should also make sure about tools exist for communicating with users like email newsletters, news feeds & RSS etc.

Multiple Website Support:
This is must have feature. Your CMS should allow running multiple website from same installation. You may want to create a separate website for mobile devices due to growth of mobile web. So this is very important feature.

CMS Platforms:
Today, there are many CMS platforms available in the market like: wordpress, joomla, drupal & blooger etc. Below mentioned is brief description about these platforms.

This is the most powerful CMS platform. This began as easy to use & innovative blogging platform. Ease of use is key benefit for experts & starters. This is easy to install & manage. This is very user friendly with tutorials & support, technical experience is not necessary for this. In this platform we can paste text from a MS Word document into a WordPress site. This provides lots of informational resources, videos, themes & templates designs. This is ideal for blogs, small business website & personal websites.

Joomla is one of the most popular CMS platform for medium to large sites & provides more flexibility & features than WordPress. There is more plug-ins in joomla than any other CMS platform so this is good for high traffic sites. This is good for multimedia & e-commerce websites. This is more complex than WordPress & you should have fair technical knowledge & able to create fairly complex sites.

This is powerful & developer friendly tool for creating complex sites, so it requires experience to operate & advanced technical knowledge. This is good for complex, advanced sites & sites that require complex data organization. If you don’t have good technical or software knowledge & you can’t hire technical expert than this platform is not for you.


This is very simple blogging platform to setup a quick blog. In this platform you can use your domain & can post a blog from your mobile phone. But in this platform limited plug ins available & you can only use this for blog.

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