Friday, 14 February 2014

Cloud Hosting- A New Hosting Trend

Cloud hosting is a new technology in world of hosting which has become popular in last few years. This hosting is reliable, effective, & efficient solution for different size of organizations. This can handle extra traffic on website & provides on demand service. Below mentioned are some benefits & issues of cloud hosting.
Cloud Hosting

Advantages of Cloud Hosting:

Cost Efficient:
This hosting is cost efficient method to use & maintain. In other hosting services like shared hosting, VPS hosting & dedicated hosting, you have to pay fix amount of fees. But in cloud hosting, you only pay what you use. You are only charged for what you actually use.

Storage Capacity:
In cloud hosting, you will get almost unlimited storage capacity. So you can store information. In this hosting, there is no need to worry about the storage space & increasing the current storage space. Its storage capacity is more because the data is stored on multiple servers on different locations.

Reliable & Flexible:
This Hosting is very reliable & you hardly experience down time. Backup & recovery process is simpler than other process of data storage. You can manage your backup via control panel. You can instantly increase your service plan for more resources & you can easily move to a new server.

Easy Access:
Accessibility is one of the benefits of cloud hosting. Your business data is stored at remote location online. So you can access the data or information from anywhere in the world.

For every business data security is very important. In this hosting, your data stored on safe & secure data server. Cloud hosting will provide secured hosting for your website, so your data & website is safe from unauthorized access or attacks.

So, cloud hosting with these advantages is good for your business. But before adopting this service you should know about some issues with this hosting.

Technical Issue:
In This hosting, you can access data or information from anywhere at any time. But for that you need a very good internet connection at all time. If you have any problem with network & connection then you will be stuck & you can’t access your data.

Security Issue:
For secure your sensitive information, you need a reliable & good service provider. So that your service provider will keep your information secure.  

Cloud DNS lets you add, modify, and remove domains, subdomains, and records, as well as import and export domains and records. So this is the modern way to run your business effectively and efficiently. Keeps your data secure and with CDN you can transfer your data to global positions.

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