Thursday, 13 February 2014

Email Hosting & Its Benefits For Your Business

Email Hosting Service
Email is one of the main internet based activities. By using email we can send messages all over the world. Email has a great importance because this is the most effective way to communicate for businesses. Now this feature is available with web hosting services. Today, Email hosting is very popular in the corporate world. There are many benefits of email hosting from a professional hosting service provider. Benefits of this service are mentioned below.
                                                           Benefits of Email Hosting

In Email hosting, your service provider will provide server equipped with new anti-spam, regular updates & virus filtering software. So your email & information is secure from hackers, spam & viruses.

Storage Space:
In this hosting, service provider will provide customized storage space according to client’s requirements. You can easily upgrade your storage space as per your needs.

Address Book Sharing:
This is one of the best features in this service. You can add contacts in address book & allow users to share contact details with others. Email hosting service provider offers both private & shared address book.

Web access:
You can access your email hosting account at anytime from anywhere in the world. So you can work effectively from home, remote offices wherever you get internet connection. You can access with your mobile device, so you will never miss urgent messages & give timely responses.

Your email hosting service provider provides POP3 & IMAP3 email protocols features. If you want to access your email from one computer only then you should choose POP3. You can download email with this protocol. If you want to access your email from anywhere then you should select IMAP. This protocol keeps your email on the server until you delete it.

By using this hosting, you can promote your domain name. When you use your corporate email then your clients can see your domain extension & your company & also give a good impression to your clients or user.

Backup & Disaster Recovery:
Email hosting service provider offers backup & disaster recovery service. In case of network problem or any disaster your emails or data will be stored at service provider secure data center. So you can get your data in future.

As we know that email is most popular trend to communicate for companies. You should take email hosting service from a good email hosting service provider. So you will get reliable & secure services.

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