Monday, 10 February 2014

Multiple Domain Hosting Good For Business

To view website, user use the domain name. When a user types domain name into browser, the domain is translated into your server IP address. Computers use IP addresses to communicate with each other. Today, many web hosting service providers provide multiple domain hosting. Below mention is brief description about multiple domain hosting.

Multiple Domain Hosting

Multiple Domain Hosting
Multiple domain hosting allows hosting for multiple domain names or websites on single web hosting account. In this hosting, your disk space, RAM, bandwidth etc. type of resources is divided to manage multiple websites. Multiple domain hosting save your money because you only have to pay for single web hosting plan & you can manage your websites from central location.
Multiple domain hosting also save your time because you can manage each domain or website through the control panel. If you have unlimited web hosting account that has unlimited storage & add on domain will allow to host multiple websites.

Register multiple domain extensions for website
There are many domains in the market like .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info etc. You have to register a few of them for your website; this is good for your business.
If you register multiple domain extensions for your website, then this secures your online presence. Because users only remember name of company, but sometime they may forget the domain extension. So by registering multiple domain extensions, you can save your online traffic from diverting to another path or website.
When you register .us, .ca, .in, .uk types of country code top level domains, you can target different users based on their locations.

So, if you have multiple domains for your website than this is an advantage for you & you can forward each of your domain extension to your main domain extension. So you don’t have to put much effort. 

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