Friday, 28 March 2014

SSD Hosting & HDD Hosting – Which One Is Best?

Today, many small, medium & large size organizations are adopting Windows VPS hosting services. In windows VPS hosting you will get services as dedicated server in reasonable prices. The websites that uses technologies like .ASP,, SQL databases are best suited with windows VPS. In this hosting your hosting service provider provides you many technologies like ASP.NET, MSSQL database, control panels & compatibility with applications & software by Microsoft. In this hosting you will also get Graphical User Interface (GUI) feature. Along with these features, many service providers provide VPS with SSD feature. This is a drive like HDD but has more speed & reliability. At present time SSD is providing highest speed of data uploading as per as the good performance in comparison to others. Below mentioned is brief description of both drives.

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. You can get hard disk in low cost around $.075 per GB. This is heavier than SSD around 752g. HDD contains moving parts platters, hard disk head stores & reads data from the platters by moving around its axis while platters spin fast. The average boot up time of this drive is around 40 sec. Lots of disk space capacity available in hard disk capacity range from 500 GB to 4 TB. Hard disk has moving parts so more heat is produced. Speed of HDD is less than SDD. In this drive spinning can be heard due to spinning or moving parts. This is not safe from effects of magnetism so your data can erase.

SDD stands for solid state drive. This is made up of either plastic or metal case & looks like a battery. This drive doesn’t have any moving parts, & information is stored on microchips. So SSD is faster than HDD, data can be accessed with high speed.  But this is more expensive than HDD around $1 per GB. This drive is lighter than hard disk (77g). This drive has three components- controller, capacitor & cache. Controller performs operations related to reading & writing the data. This is the main part of drive to determine speed of drive. SSD contains NAND based flash memory & this is non- volatile memory. If you turn off the drive, it doesn’t forget data stored on it. Operating system boot up time of drive is around 22 sec. There are no moving parts so little heat is produced. But it has limited storage space capacity from 250 GB to 1 TB. This drive is safe from effect of magnetism. 

If your website requires high performance & fast response time or you are running a busy site, you should opt for SSD hosting plan. Both hosting options are good if you choose according to your needs. Before choosing a hosting plan, you should clear about your requirements: storage space, high performance & cost.

Monday, 24 March 2014

cPanel Hosting Service

A good web hosting service provider is required to manage a high quality website. By using cPanel hosting from a good service provider, you can install different types of software applications quickly & you will get best services & support. cPanel hosting refers to web hosting plan that uses cPanel, it is the web hosting control panel which allows accessing quick & easy features & handling accounts. Today, cPanel is valuable for hosting companies & the leading control panel in the web hosting industry.
cPanel provides plenty of user friendly & useful functions & features, so this web hosting has become one of the most popular hosting option. Below mentioned are features of cPanel hosting.

cPanel Hosting Features:

cPanel hosting has some powerful features as follows:
  • Disk Space & bandwidth allocation
  • It allows adding & maintaining domain & sub-domain to your hosting account.
  • It allows mail management (POP3, IMAP accounts), corporate email address, blocking spam, & email authentication.
  • cPanel file management tools keep your information organized. It has some tools like file backup, backup wizard, file manager, FTP, web disk & FTP session control.
  • Database administration & MySQL control.
  • It has advanced features like PHP, Perl, Ruby & Python.
  • It has security tools to keep your server protected from unwanted visitors; it keeps your website up & running. It has protection tools like password protect directories, leech protection, IP denial, SSH/Shell access, Hotlink protection, GNUPG keys & SSL/TLS management.

cPanel Hosting Benefits:

It has multiple benefits for users with easy management of accounts.
  • cPanel is easy to install & it needs linux system environment, if you are using dedicated server then you will  get pre-installed cPanel.
  • It is very simple to handle & you don’t need high technical knowledge.
  • It has features to support multiple domains & subdomains, so it is very convenient for multiple website users.
  • It can integrate with Fantastico feature; this is an auto installer which supports 50 & more open source programs scripts. So with this feature you can setup website & manage applications.
If you are going with cPanel hosting then you will get all these features & benefits. You can manage your website & hosting account easily & quickly. Today, many companies provide this hosting in affordable prices. Hosting service provider offers quick technical support & multiple services for best performance of services.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Different Types Of Linux Operating System

Linux is an operating system. It is software which enables applications & computer operator to access the device on computer to perform functions. This OS can be installed on PC, Laptops, mobile devices, servers & supercomputers etc. Linux OS includes distribution for desktops & servers & it also contain Linux Kernel which is core of operating system with supporting tools. Linux have many flavors among all Debian, Ubuntu, centOS, Fedora etc. are most popular. Ubuntu is based on Debian while Fedora is based on Red hat Linux. Below mentioned is a brief description of these OS distributions.

Types of Linux OS

Ubuntu OS: 

Ubuntu is a computer operating system based on Debian Linux. It is a most popular Linux distribution. Its name comes from the Zulu word “ubuntu” which means “humanity to others”. The initial release of this OS is 20th October 2004 & it is developed & supported by Canonical Ltd. It is free & popular OS based on Linux. It is free & open source model. In this OS targeted people are home users, developers & businesses.

It is supporting many popular applications like Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Evolution, Libreoffice & file manager Nautilus etc. Debian based software is used in this OS like .deb files & APT (update method of Ubuntu). In this operating system supported architecture is amd64, i386 & more than 55 languages are available in this OS. This OS distributed free of cost under GNU license. Latest stable release is 13.10 Saucy Salamander (17th Oct. 2013).

Ubuntu allows user to download some popular proprietary software like Flash & Wi-Fi drivers with a simple click during install process. Ubuntu’s default user interface is unity which is available in 2D & 3D. Different hardware can affect the performance & speed of OS. According to some tests Ubuntu boots faster than Fedora. Ubuntu & Fedora distributions release a new version every six months but there is a difference in their support models. In Ubuntu after a version is released this offers support for 18 months & it also releases Long Term Support version every two years that are supported for 5 years.

Fedora OS: 

Fedora core is an RPM based general purpose collection of software. This includes an operating system based on Linux kernel & Red Hat. The initial release of this OS is 16th Nov.2003 & it is developed & sponsored by Red Hat Inc. It is also supporting many popular applications like Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Evolution, Libreoffice & file manager Nautilus etc. This OS is used Red Hat software like RPM files & yum (update method of Fedora).

In this OS amd64, i386 is the supported architecture & it supports multiple languages. Latest stable release of this OS is Heisenbug (Fedora 20), 17th December 2013. Fedora does not offer proprietary software like Flash, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi drivers. Fedora’s default user interface is GNOME 3.2.1. Fedora is faster to shut down. But in Fedora after a version is released this offers support for 13 months.


CentOS stands for Community Enterprise Operating System. It is freely released version of stable & secure Red Hat Enterprise Server, Linux based operating system. Every CentOS version is maintained for up to 10 years. A new CentOS version is released every 2 years & this provide long term support  for their operating system (about every six months). CentOS provides reliability, security & stability , so this is the perfect choice of clients & web servers.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Increase Your Business With Linux VPS Hosting

Most of companies are taking different types of web hosting services like shared hosting, dedicated server & vps hosting. With dedicated servers the investment is required quite high & this is not suitable for small or medium size companies. With shared hosting you don’t get flexibility & features like dedicated server. So VPS server is perfect hosting solution for all type of businesses. This hosting offers flexibility, features & reliability like dedicated server in affordable price. When you decide to host your website with VPS hosting plan, you should know which platform is good for your website Linux server or windows server. Below mentioned are some main benefits of Linux VPS.

Linux VPS Hosting

Cost: In VPS you may need to install a number of software to host & manage website. Linux is open source operating system & you can download & use this operating system at no cost. Linux OS does not need high licensing fees.

Security: Virus & malware are bad for server. Linux VPS is known for its excellent security.  You don’t have to worry about any sort of interruptions and disturbances. A Linux VPS hosting plan provides independently servers, when one server goes down; the other servers are not affected. So there is very minimum downtime and this can help to keep a company’s system secure at all times. This is also the main reason why businesses with large amounts of data opt Linux VPS.

System Resources: This hosting shares physical resources of a server. So the VPS is automatically capable of allocating disk space, bandwidth, RAM & processor to every user on the system. So VPS work more effectively & independently.

Popular Technologies: Linux supports the most popular technologies like Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP. With the help of these applications in Linux you will get flexibility to serve website from content in database.

Database: If your website needs database support then Linux VPS is best for you. This platform supports most popular & widely used database like MySQL. This database allows for optimization of communication between database & website.

CMS & Web Software: CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla , Drupal & some other web software like CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu etc. come with Linux operating system. 

Thus, Linux VPS with wide range of features & affordable cost allow customers to take advantages of this service. This hosting provides better flexibility & control as dedicated server. Linux VPS is the most efficient and dependable hosting platform in the market.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

How To Choose Right Windows VPS Hosting Provider ?

Windows VPS hosting is the best option for small & medium sized organizations which is more reasonable than a dedicated server for their websites. The websites that uses technologies like .ASP,, SQL databases are best suited with windows VPS. So if you want to integrate different Microsoft applications in your website then windows hosting is best for you. But if you are planning to make a small business grows into a big business then it is very important to select a right & affordable windows VPS hosting provider. Below mentioned are some points must consider before choosing the windows hosting service provider. 

Windows VPS

Flexibility: You must select a service provider which is well equipped to host your website when business or traffic increases. Your service provider should provide resources like disk space, bandwidth, RAM according to your website needs. Service provider must be able to provide new technologies & software changes required for your business.

Cost: Your service provider will help your business to grow quickly by providing affordable services. While choosing a web host you should take a look on the plans & prices. You must clear about the cost of service that you are taking from your service provider & you should make sure that there is no hidden cost.

Technical Support: Some business owners don’t have fair technology knowledge so they need technical assistance for website. You should prefer the hosting company that provides 24*7*365 technical support because technical error can occur at any time. You can contact your hosting company through all medium of communication like: mail, phone & chat. So you should choose a company that provides quick response for your problem.

Maintenance & Performance: In windows VPS server service provider must provide maintenance & performance of server. Service provider is responsible for ensuring maximum uptime & resolves any issues. You should choose the hosting company that promises data recovery in case of technical errors & natural disaster.

Control Panel: Control panel is important to edit & modify the website on server end. C-panel allows you to add, delete, update & customize the website regularly. So you should prefer the service provider that offers C-panel. In VPS hosting, your service provider must provide you root or administrative access. By this root access you can install any software according to your website need.

So if you choose right hosting service provider then your business will grow in right direction & your service provider provides best & innovative windows VPS hosting features. If you choose windows VPS then you get extra security & can customize server as per your needs.