Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Increase Your Business With Linux VPS Hosting

Most of companies are taking different types of web hosting services like shared hosting, dedicated server & vps hosting. With dedicated servers the investment is required quite high & this is not suitable for small or medium size companies. With shared hosting you don’t get flexibility & features like dedicated server. So VPS server is perfect hosting solution for all type of businesses. This hosting offers flexibility, features & reliability like dedicated server in affordable price. When you decide to host your website with VPS hosting plan, you should know which platform is good for your website Linux server or windows server. Below mentioned are some main benefits of Linux VPS.

Linux VPS Hosting

Cost: In VPS you may need to install a number of software to host & manage website. Linux is open source operating system & you can download & use this operating system at no cost. Linux OS does not need high licensing fees.

Security: Virus & malware are bad for server. Linux VPS is known for its excellent security.  You don’t have to worry about any sort of interruptions and disturbances. A Linux VPS hosting plan provides independently servers, when one server goes down; the other servers are not affected. So there is very minimum downtime and this can help to keep a company’s system secure at all times. This is also the main reason why businesses with large amounts of data opt Linux VPS.

System Resources: This hosting shares physical resources of a server. So the VPS is automatically capable of allocating disk space, bandwidth, RAM & processor to every user on the system. So VPS work more effectively & independently.

Popular Technologies: Linux supports the most popular technologies like Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP. With the help of these applications in Linux you will get flexibility to serve website from content in database.

Database: If your website needs database support then Linux VPS is best for you. This platform supports most popular & widely used database like MySQL. This database allows for optimization of communication between database & website.

CMS & Web Software: CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla , Drupal & some other web software like CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu etc. come with Linux operating system. 

Thus, Linux VPS with wide range of features & affordable cost allow customers to take advantages of this service. This hosting provides better flexibility & control as dedicated server. Linux VPS is the most efficient and dependable hosting platform in the market.

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