Thursday, 3 April 2014

Right Domain Name- What You Need To Know

Domain names are online addresses of a website. These names are human readable. Root domains have top level extensions such as .com, .org, .net etc. The example of root domain is & these domains are purchased from registrar. Subdomain is a third level domain & part of root domain name. We can create subdomains under any root domains. The following are examples:   “www” is a subdomain     “blog” is a subdomain               no subdomain
To pick a good domain name for a website is very difficult because best domain names already exist. The following some tips which can help you to find good domain name.

Register Company Name
For business website, the domain name should be your company name. For personal website, domain name should be your name. This is a way to promote your business or brand online. Your clients know your company name & they expect that your domain name same as company name. By using domain name you can reach millions of user. Domain name helps to get traffic & lead for your business.

Keyword Related Domain
Your domain should contain relevant keyword to your business. Keyword rich domains are good in order of ranking factor in search engine & good for your business. You should research the keywords of niche & choose some most relevant keywords.

Domain Name Memorable
Your domain name must be easy to remember, short & easy to type in the browser. Your domain name must be short & simple. You should avoid the domain names longer than 15 characters. Short domains are easy to share & easy to remember. If your domain name is long then there are much chances of typing it wrong. Short domain name is pretty & understandable.
Avoid Hyphens
A good domain name should be in plain text format & avoid numbers & hyphens. If you use numbers & hyphens in domain name then typing errors may be higher. For example, if you use a number such as 1 e.g. “”, some users would assume the word version e.g. “”.
You should also avoid hyphens because these can lead the typing errors. For example, if you use a domain e.g. “”, sounds like “”. If needed you can use hyphens but more than one hyphen should not be used in a domain name.

Best Domain Extension  
There are many top level domain extensions are available like .com, .org, .net, .info etc. So which extension should you use? Following is more about these extensions.

.COM Domains
Your first choice should be .com before any other extension. This stands for commercial. This domain ranks easily & quickly in search engine. You should choose .com domain if there is any possibility.

.NET Domains
.NET extension stands for “Network”. Networking & internet service provider companies mainly use this extension. This is not easy to rank a .net domain; you will need more time & more backlinks.

.ORG Domains
.ORG is associated with non- profit organization. There are no needs for registration & anyone can register .org domain. .org ranks quickly & easily like .com extension. 

.INFO Domains
This stands for “informational” domain & uses for sharing information. This is very difficult to rank because google don’t like much this TLD.