Tuesday, 7 October 2014

7 Awesome Tips To Make Email Marketing Campaign Well For You

Email is still an effective & powerful tool of marketing since the rise of smart-phones. It is the most economical online tool for businesses. An email is a direct way of communication with your users or clients without spending a lot of money. Customers still prefer email over social media, because email campaigns have higher ROI than any other marketing campaign.

An effective email marketing campaign can help your products and services gain maximum visibility and recognition all over the world. Here are some tips to keep in mind for delivering a successful email marketing campaign.

7 Awesome Tips To Make Email Marketing Campaign Well For You

1. Create relevant & attractive subject line. The subject headline of your e-mail must be eye-catchy & promising so that it grabs reader attention. Subject line is most valuable part of email newsletter. Try to keep it within 40-50 characters. Subject line is the first part of your email that reader will see, & make a judgement about to open or delete it.

2. Send relevant content in your message. An email is your opportunity to communicate with your customers. You must know your target audiences. Content in your email newsletter needs to be relevant & informative to the recipients.
Create clear & easily readable content in your message. Your readers have very less time to view your email so build your message to be short & sweet. Offering relevant content will keep your audiences engaged.

3. Include call to action. You must have a call to action in your message, and make it easy to find. Don't place call-to-action at bottom of email. Use simple CTA links through the body of email to increase chances of being clicked & opened. Call-to-Action is a valuable part of effective email marketing campaign. This way avoid the spamming & invite the subscriber to take an action.

4. Make your campaign shareable on social media channels. Send a campaign that people want to share easily. Publish your email newsletter on social media channels like Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Linked-in. So your clients can share your content on social channels & their friends start sharing, they can subscribe as well as.

5. Make it personal. You need to make email personal. Personalize the greetings with their name & use casual tone in email newsletter, be friendly. Sending bulk email is not effective, you should send something unique for each client.

6. Evaluate your Message. Before sending out the campaign, it is better to test it. Use a testing trial to make sure your emails are looking good. Ensure that your pictures and media are mobile friendly & display correctly on a mobile device. Send the mix of content & images as a campaign that attract more visitors.

7. Avoid spamming. Ensure that your email does not look like a spam mail. To avoid spamming offer something useful to your audiences. Provide a clear title in your email newsletter so that customer will seem it is worth reading.