Monday, 21 July 2014

Top Reasons to Choose VPS Hosting

In VPS hosting you will get a physical server with dedicated IP address & resources. VPS server hosting is an easy, modern & advanced way to partition of physical server into multiple virtual machines. According to market experts, VPS going to be the king of hosting technology because of its features & functionality as dedicated server at low prices. VPS is also providing cloud solutions for small businesses, medium bussinesses & web professionals. In this platform, you get control & flexibility of server at very affordable prices. VPS provides independent server so you don't need to worry about privacy. Below mentioned are some reasons why should you choose VPS hosting for your business. 
Why choose vps hosting

1. Lower Cost: VPS hosting is less expensive than dedicated hosting. Small businesses don't have a big budget to go with dedicated hosting. VPS server is a private server which is dedicated to your business needs. You don't need to worry about server maintenance because you only rent the server according your needs. So with VPS server you can get benefits of dedicated server at reasonable prices.

2. Control: VPS offers control over your server. You dont need to share a server with many other parties like shared environment. You have your own private server, you can run any application on that server. You have full root access. From admin panel, you can upload applictions, documents, edit content & operate your website when you need it anytime from anywhere.

3. Performance: With VPS hosting, performance of your site will improve because you have own physical server so its not affected by other users. You will get dedicated resources like CPU, memory, storage & bandwidth.

4. Security: Security is common & most important concern for every business owner. VPS hosting supplies you root access with dedicated IP address. So your private data is safe from anybody. With VPS server, you dont need to worry about security & safety. VPS have multi-layered protections system, So we can say that VPS is a safe and secure choice for business hosting.

5. On Demand Service: VPS hosting also provides cloud service environment. You can customized your plan according to your needs so pay for what you want. You can Add new VPS features & plans as the needs demand it. You have facility to take them down when they are not required.

6. High Availability: For any bussiness, it is very important to availble 24*7 online. As a small business owner you cannnot afford dedicated server. VPS server will provide near 99.9% uptime with high performance. Downtime of one server does not affect the VPS hosting and the other servers will continue to maintain them.


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